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SY-18 Large Capacity Series

The SY-18 series freeze dryer is a basic model designed for a wide range of applications in fields including medicine, pharmaceuticals, biological research, chemistry, and the food industry. With an expandable freeze-drying area of up to 0.27 square meters, this equipment is floor-standing and equipped with caster wheels for easy mobility. It is ideal for laboratory use and can meet the freeze-drying requirements of most routine laboratory processes. This user-friendly unit offers essential capabilities for preserving samples and products efficiently in various laboratory settings.
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Product Advantage

1. Integrated Design: Compact, leak-free, and user-friendly with no external flanges. Its small footprint makes it ideal for various laboratory settings. Our product is designed as a one-piece unit for easy operation without the need for intricate installation.

2. GLP-Compliant Materials: All materials in contact with the product are made from inert materials, fully complying with GLP requirements to ensure reliable and accurate experimental results.

3. Corrosion-Resistant Design: Both the cold trap and workbench are constructed from stainless steel, offering corrosion resistance and easy cleaning, thus extending equipment lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

4. Safety-Ensured Valves: Our in-house designed and manufactured all-stainless-steel inflation (venting) valves guarantee safety, corrosion resistance, and eliminate the risk of leaks.

5. Pre-Freezing Function: With a generously sized cold trap opening and a sample pre-freezing feature, there's no need for an additional low-temperature freezer.

6. Gas Flow Control Technology: Utilizing specialized gas flow control technology ensures even ice capture in the cold trap, enhancing ice-capturing efficiency and ensuring successful experiments.

7. Efficient and Energy-Saving Compressor and Vacuum Pump: We use internationally renowned brand compressors and vacuum pumps, offering high efficiency, long service life, and low noise, ensuring equipment reliability.

8. Modular Control System: Featuring a next-generation modular controller and advanced control system, it maximizes process reliability and repeatability. The high-resolution 7-inch embedded LCD touchscreen provides ease of operation.

9. Intelligent Data Logging System: Real-time recording and display of cold trap temperature, sample temperature, and vacuum level curves. Data can be exported for browsing, printing, and various operations via a computer, enhancing data visualization management.

10. User-Friendly Interface: The human-machine interface displays real-time system status, supports flexible switching between Chinese and English, and allows for vacuum unit flexibility. The robust warning system includes alerts for high ambient temperatures, vacuum pump oil changes, instrument run time, sensor malfunctions, compressor and vacuum pump operation time, and more.

11. Comprehensive Protection Features: This includes compressor startup delay protection, compressor and vacuum pump short-circuit overload protection, ensuring both equipment and user safety.

12. Intelligent Electric Defrosting: Uses safe voltage, significantly improving defrosting efficiency while reducing maintenance costs.

13. Easy To Move: Equipped with caster wheels at the bottom for easy mobility.

These features highlight the exceptional performance and reliability of our product, making it the top choice for laboratories and production environments across various fields. If you need further information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Technical Parameters





Standard with Multiple Manifolds

Top-press with Multiple Manifolds

Ampoule Tube

Freeze Drying Area

0.18㎡ / 0.27㎡


0.18㎡/ 0.27㎡



Cold Trap Temperature

≤-60℃, Optional ≤-80℃, ≤-110 (no-load)

Vacuum Level

<5 Pa  (no-load)

Water Capture Capacity


Material Tray

240mm, 4 layers

(Optional: 6 layers)

200mm, 3 layers

240mm, 4 layers

(Optional: 6 layers)

200mm, 3 layers


Overall Power


Main Unit Weight


Dimensions (mm)

+(445 drying chamber)

+(540 drying chamber)

+(445 drying chamber)

+(540 drying chamber)


Loadable Materials

1.8L / 2.7L
(material thickness 10mm)

(material thickness 10mm)

1.8L / 2.7L
(material thickness 10mm)

(material thickness 10mm)


Loadable Vials










Product Uses

钟罩规格图-Product Uses

A (Standard Type): Comes with 4-6 layers of stainless steel trays. Suitable for the freeze-drying of bulk (liquid, paste, solid) conventional materials.

B (Top-press Type): Equipped with 3 layers of stainless steel trays with adjustable spacing. It is suitable not only for the freeze-drying of bulk (liquid, paste, solid) conventional materials but also for the drying of materials in vials. During freeze-drying preparation, materials can be divided into vials as needed, sealed with caps, and then subjected to freeze-drying. After drying, the pressure cover device can be used to move and seal the vials in a vacuum state, making them suitable for long-term storage.

C (Standard with Multiple Manifolds): Features 4-6 layers of stainless steel trays and an external hanging bottle attachment. Suitable for the freeze-drying of bulk (liquid, paste, solid) conventional materials and can also accommodate vials or wide-mouth bottles for drying. The external attachment is independent of the drying process and can be disassembled at any time. It can be used in conjunction with a concentrator to achieve both freeze-drying and concentration.

D (Top-press with Multiple Manifolds): Combines the features of the pressure cover type and the regular type with multiple manifolds.

E Type (Ampoule Tube): Equipped with 24 ampoule tube interfaces. Suitable for freeze-drying ampoule tubes containing microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi for preservation.

T Type (External Hanging Bottle): Offers 8 external hanging bottle interfaces. External attachment allows for the drying of vials or wide-mouth bottles. The external attachment is independent of the drying process and can be disassembled at any time. The stainless steel T-shaped rack is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life. It can be used in conjunction with a concentrator to achieve both freeze-drying and concentration.

These configurations cater to various freeze-drying needs, from conventional materials to specialized applications like vial drying and ampoule tube preservation.

Product Operate Guide

Equipment Start-Up and Operation:

1. Navigate to the "System Menu" → "Operation Screen" and switch the 'Compressor' to "On."

2. After pre-freezing, place the material inside the drying chamber. Then, in the "Operation Screen," switch 'Vacuum Pump' and 'Vacuum Gauge' to "On."

3. Fully open the inlet/exhaust valve and wait for the chamber and cold trap to return to atmospheric pressure before removing and sealing the material. During shutdown, first re-inflate, then turn off the vacuum pump to prevent oil backflow, which could contaminate the samples.

4. Click the "Defrost" button; the defrosting process takes 30 minutes. Allow all ice in the cold trap to melt. Keep the drain valve open during this process, and it's recommended to place a container below the drain valve to collect the defrost water.

These operational steps facilitate a smooth start-up and operation of the equipment, ensuring a seamless freeze-drying process.

Product Video


SY-18 and SY-12 have both similarities and differences:


1. Both SY-12 and SY-18 are floor-standing freeze dryers with caster wheels for easy mobility.

2. They operate using the same principles and have similar usage methods.


1. SY-18 has a larger freeze-drying area. The standard freeze-drying area for SY-18 is 0.18 square meters, expandable to 0.27 square meters, while SY-12 has a freeze-drying area of 0.12 square meters.

2. SY-18 has a larger cold trap compared to SY-12. This means that SY-18 has a higher capacity and can accommodate more samples.


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