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Whether you're a biomedical researcher, pharmaceutical company, food producer, or chemical manufacturer, our freeze dryers will be your ideal partner. From lab concepts to commercial reality, our technology streamlines processes, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and product quality.

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SY-10 Benchtop Series
SY-LG-03 Benchtop Food Freeze Dryer
SY-100F R&D-Standard
Biopharmaceutical Production Freeze Dryer
This series of freeze dryers are benchtop, basic models widely utilized in fields such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, biological research, chemistry, and food industries. Designed for laboratory use, they meet the requirements for most routine freeze-drying tasks. With their compact size and user-friendly features, these freeze dryers offer a cost-effective solution for preserving samples and products. They are essential tools for professionals seeking efficient and reliable freeze-drying capabilities.
Effortlessly preserve all your favorite foods with ease. Create delicious, healthy, and diverse home food supplies more effectively than other food preservation methods. The SY-LG-03 tabletop food freeze dryer, capable of handling up to 4kg of materials, is perfect for household use.
SY-100F Standard Freeze Dryer is a versatile research and development equipment, well-suited for the research and small-scale production of bioproducts, in vitro diagnostic reagents, and more. The SY-100F Standard Freeze Dryer has a freeze-drying area of 1.03㎡ and is recommended for a loading capacity of 10kg.
GMP freeze-drying equipment complies with the requirements of the production process. The inner surfaces of equipment that come into direct contact with drugs are smooth, even, and free of dead angles, ensuring effective control of product quality.
The equipment itself does not generate pollution in the production environment or contaminate materials. It can prevent cross-contamination without affecting product quality and is easy to clean and maintain.
Optional features include CIP online cleaning and VHP sterilization functions.
This series of vacuum freeze dryers are designed for laboratory research, small-scale testing, and small-scale production freeze-drying. They offer the same performance and functionality as production-scale freeze dryers. Additionally, they have a shorter delivery lead time.
With over 20 years of experience in freeze dryer design and manufacturing, our equipment meets all industry standards. We offer flexible custom design based on our customers' facilities, manufacturing freeze dryers in various structural forms.
SY-LG-20/30 is an in-situ freeze dryer designed for freeze-drying food products. It is recommended for a loading capacity of 200 to 300 kilograms. This freeze dryer performs exceptionally well in freeze-drying various products, including lemons and ice cream.

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Beijing Songyuan Huaxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, with its headquarters located in Beijing, China. We specialize in the research, manufacturing, and sales of vacuum freeze-drying technology products. Our core product is the "vacuum freeze dryer," and we have developed three major product series along with corresponding solutions to cater to the diverse needs of scientific research, medical, and food industries. As a highly influential supplier of vacuum freeze-drying equipment, we offer highly customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of our customers.


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Beijing Songyuan Huaxing Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, with its headquarters located in Beijing, China.




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