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Automatic Dripping Equipment

The freeze-drying bead-dropping equipment is mainly used for the production of IVD freeze-dried reagents. It can quickly and effectively generate microspheres, accurately control the volume of the microspheres, and ensure the roundness of the microspheres.
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Product Advantage

It is mostly used in the production of IVD freeze-dried reagents, which can quickly and effectively complete the generation of small balls, and can accurately control the volume of small balls. The microspheres made by this equipment have good sphericity and no adhesion.

The upright bead dropping equipment provides an efficient and stable production solution for high-precision frozen microbead applications, achieving complete automation of bead production. The equipment uses precise motion control technology to control closed-loop servo-driven displacement and precise microfluidic control technology to dispense reagent volumes, meeting the dual technical requirements of high accuracy and high repeatability. With the addition of a liquid nitrogen thermal insulation and segmentation device, this equipment can achieve one-step molding from liquid reagents to solid microspheres.

The microspheres produced by this equipment have good sphericity. There is no bonding or fusion between each consecutive microsphere. The size of each microsphere is stable and uniform. The equipment operates smoothly and is highly controllable and adjustable, with precise, stable, and reliable automatic operation, ensuring and improving the efficiency and product qualification rate of the reagent production line.

Advantages and features:

1. High control accuracy: The plunger structure ensures the stability of each reagent drop's volume.

2. Small footprint: The equipment can be used in various environments.

3. Stable operation: No sticking between drops during operation.

4. Convenient and simple operation: Fully automated operation.

5. High efficiency: The ball production speed can reach up to 150 pieces per minute.

6. Easy and quick adjustment: Reagent replacement can be completed within 10 minutes.

7. Low liquid nitrogen consumption: Less than 0.8 liters per hour, saving production costs.

Optional configurations:

· Liquid nitrogen level detection function.

· Dispensing of turbid reagents, such as magnetic bead reagents and medical reagents containing micro-particles (particle diameter less than 5μm).

Product Uses

Used for the production of freeze-dried IVD reagents.


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