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Multifunctional Low-Temperature Rotary Freezer

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Product Advantage

1. Stainless steel inner groove with a large space, can add antifreeze working fluid for direct low-temperature experiments in the groove.

2. Optional circulation pump for external circulation of low-temperature liquid to provide low-temperature conditions for related equipment.

3. Optional rotary freezing device, which is matched with the LGJ experimental multi-manifold freeze dryer for pre-freezing of freeze-dried bottle samples. The tank can be used as a small low-temperature chamber without adding any working fluid.

4. Uses an imported fully enclosed refrigeration unit with a large cooling capacity, high efficiency, reliability, and low noise.

5. Specially designed surrounding evaporator for more even temperature distribution.

6. Stainless steel inner groove, clean, hygienic, and corrosion-resistant.

7. Temperature measurement is digitally displayed, with high control accuracy.

Technical Parameters

Lowest Temperature: ≤-40℃

Tank Volume: 6L

Workspace Dimensions: 295*235*150mm

Operating Port Dimensions: 295*235*150mm

Overall Dimensions: 750*430*380mm

Product Uses

The low-temperature test equipment used in fields such as scientific research, biology, physics, pharmaceuticals, and chemical engineering.


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