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SY-LG-03 Benchtop Food Freeze Dryer

Effortlessly preserve all your favorite foods with ease. Create delicious, healthy, and diverse home food supplies more effectively than other food preservation methods. The SY-LG-03 tabletop food freeze dryer, capable of handling up to 4kg of materials, is perfect for household use.
  • $2,065

Vacuum Pump:
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Product Advantage

1. Large Capacity One-Button Freeze Drying: With a 4kg feeding capacity, it's incredibly user-friendly – just press a single button to complete the entire freeze-drying process, making it easy for beginners to achieve successful freeze-drying.

2. Integrated Chamber and Trap Design: A shorter sublimation pathway allows for rapid vapor sublimation, effectively reducing drying time.

3. System Safety Lock: Prevents accidental modifications to the system's status and process parameters, avoiding freeze-drying failures or instrument damage.

4. After-Sales Technical Support: Our experienced technical team offers support over the phone and remotely. On-site service is also available when needed.


Technical Parameters

Freeze-drying area: 0.4㎡

Cold trap temperature: ≤-45°C (no load)

Ultimate vacuum: ≤10Pa (no load)

Capacity: 4L (Liquid)

Power: AC220V, 50Hz

Overall power: 2000W

Product Uses

Emergency Rescue Food:

Freeze-dried food can be used for emergency food reserves. It can provide essential nutrients and calories, is easily digestible and absorbable, helping in quick energy recovery, and maintaining physical strength. The nutrition is well-balanced.

Outdoor Food:

Freeze-drying technology preserves more nutrients and flavors in the original ingredients. It is lightweight and, when rehydrated, retains the texture and taste of the food, ensuring a diverse outdoor dining experience while keeping your backpack light.

Healthy Living:

Freeze-dried vegetables or foods maintain the color, aroma, taste, shape, and nutritional components of natural, green, and safe convenience foods. They are a natural, environmentally friendly, and safe source of nutrition.

Pet Food:

Freeze-dried meat and poultry are innovative choices for pet food. The raw materials after freeze-drying are rich in high-quality protein and vitamins, helping to maintain a healthy weight and good digestive function in pets.

Product Operate Guide

Our system features an embedded color LCD touchscreen, offering convenient and straightforward operation with powerful functionality. Each screen provides a wealth of data, ensuring intuitive and clear monitoring. Utilizing advanced intelligent fuzzy control algorithms, the temperature control is precise and stable.

With one-touch process configuration, the system automatically operates according to predefined processes. Multiple stability measures are incorporated into the system, ensuring a stable and reliable control system.

Product Video


1. What types of food are suitable for a home freeze dryer?

A home freeze dryer is suitable for various types of food, including fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, pasta, and more. It preserves their original flavor and nutrition.

2. How easy is it to operate a home freeze dryer?

Home freeze dryers are designed to be user-friendly. Simply place your food inside, select the appropriate program, and press the button to start the freeze-drying process. The operation is relatively easy.

3. How does a home freeze dryer differ from store-bought freeze-dried food?

A home freeze dryer allows you to prepare and control your own food, ensuring its quality and ingredients. Store-bought freeze-dried food may contain additives and preservatives.


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