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SY-LG Food Freeze Dryer (50㎡)

SY-LG series production freeze dryer, with freeze-drying areas of 50㎡, is suitable for large-scale production of freeze-dried food. The equipment features energy-saving patents and can be customized as needed.
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Product Advantage

1. Creating food freeze-drying equipment with pharmaceutical principles.

2. High efficiency, low energy consumption, long lifespan, and excellent product quality.

3. Achieving a 50% efficiency increase through structural optimization for continuous freeze-drying.

4. Using aerospace-grade aluminum alloy plates with a radiation rate of over 90% and good temperature uniformity for double-sided radiation heating.

5. Utilizing efficient mixed refrigerant media with lower freezing points and higher boiling points, ensuring high heat exchange efficiency and long service life.

6. Employing an optimized drying curve control algorithm that allows for control of product heating rates and vacuum levels during the drying phase.

7. Incorporating professional gas guiding design and control technology for strong water-capturing capabilities and high drying efficiency.

8. The trays are stamped from aerospace anti-corrosion aluminum alloy and undergo special surface treatment to enhance heat absorption.

9. Each drying chamber is equipped with two sets of loading trays.

10.Flexible manual and automatic control modes. Real-time process adjustments can be made during drying to enhance process optimization.


Technical Parameters


Freeze Drying Area

Vacuum Level

Cold Trap Temperature

Maximum ice capacity

Shelf Temperature Range

Material Tray

Number of Shelf Layers

Loadable Materials


Overall Power

Pre-freezing method















Ordinary temperature~+90








Freezing chamber + 2 material carts

* Note: Equipment dimensions and the number of trays may be subject to modifications and changes based on transportation requirements. Specific parameters should be confirmed based on the drawings.

Product Uses

The LG Food Production Vacuum Freeze Dryer is used for the freeze-drying of dozens of types of food, including meat, vegetables, fruits, seafood, beans, beverages, soups, health products, and more. Its products meet the requirements of being natural, nutritious, and convenient to consume.

Product Operate Guide

The control system of this freeze dryer utilizes an industrial touch panel for user-friendly operation. Each screen is equipped to display a wealth of process data, and it has the capability to store multiple freeze-drying recipes, with each recipe allowing for the configuration of up to 36 segments (standard type).

Our system incorporates an Intelligent Fuzzy Logic algorithm, ensuring precise and stable temperature control throughout the freeze-drying process. Moreover, you have the flexibility to modify temperature parameters as needed during the freeze-drying cycle.

Product Video


1. How can I improve the drying efficiency of a food production freeze dryer?

To improve drying efficiency, you can consider optimizing the arrangement of food materials to ensure even distribution on the trays. Additionally, maintaining stable temperature and vacuum levels inside the freeze-drying chamber is crucial. Ensure that the cooling and vacuum systems are operating properly to provide the necessary conditions.

2. How is the quality of freeze-dried food ensured?

To ensure the quality of freeze-dried food, it is essential to select fresh, high-quality raw materials. Furthermore, the temperature control, vacuum system, drying time, and other parameters of the freeze dryer need to be correctly set and monitored. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the equipment are also crucial for quality assurance.

3. Can I simultaneously freeze dry multiple types of food in the freeze dryer?

Generally, it is advisable not to simultaneously freeze dry multiple different types of food in the same freeze dryer. Different food materials may require different freeze-drying conditions, so it's best to process them in batches to ensure each type of food achieves the best freeze-drying results.


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