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SY-LG Food Freeze Dryer (20㎡~30㎡)

SY-LG-20/30 is an in-situ freeze dryer designed for freeze-drying food products. It is recommended for a loading capacity of 200 to 300 kilograms. This freeze dryer performs exceptionally well in freeze-drying various products, including lemons and ice cream.
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Product Advantage

1. Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy partition material, good temperature uniformity.

2. High-efficiency mixed refrigerant medium with a lower freezing point and a higher boiling point, high heat exchange efficiency, and a long service life.

3. Optimization control algorithm for drying curves, allowing control of product heating rate and vacuum level during the drying stage.

4. Professional gas flow guidance design and control technology, strong water capturing capability, and high drying efficiency.

5. Industrial-grade embedded touchscreen + dedicated SH-HPSC-III modular controller, stable and reliable system, high control accuracy.

6. Professionally designed FD-MANAGER control system, capable of saving multiple sets of process formulas and adjusting processes in real-time during drying, enhancing process optimization.

7. Flexible manual + automatic control modes, manual mode for process experimentation, automatic mode for batch production.

8. Precise sensor calibration function to ensure the accuracy of process parameters during long-term use.

9. User-level and password settings for operation management with differentiated permissions.

10. Optional powerful upper computer control system, capable of recording, storing operational data, curves, and alarm records for up to ten years, improving product traceability; also convenient for observation, operation, and fault diagnosis.

11. Customization available based on user requirements.


Technical Parameters


Freeze Drying Area

Vacuum Level

Cold Trap Temperature

Maximum ice capacity

Shelf Temperature Range

Material Tray

Number of Shelf Layers

Loadable Materials


Overall Power

Pre-freezing method





















In-situ freeze-drying












In-situ freeze-drying

Product Uses

1. Food Preservation: Freeze drying is used to extend the shelf life of various food products, including fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy, by removing moisture and preventing microbial growth.

2. Space Food: Freeze-dried foods are commonly used in space exploration due to their lightweight and long shelf life, ensuring astronauts have nutritious meals during missions.

3. Emergency Food: Freeze-dried food is a popular choice for emergency food storage because it remains edible for an extended period and requires minimal storage space.

4. Outdoor Activities: Freeze-dried meals are lightweight and convenient for hikers, campers, and backpackers, providing a source of nutrition while on outdoor adventures.

5. Ready-to-Eat Meals: Freeze-dried ingredients are used in the production of instant soups, noodles, and other ready-to-eat meals that require only hot water for preparation.

6. Dietary Supplements: Some dietary supplements, such as vitamins and probiotics, are freeze-dried to maintain their potency and ensure accurate dosing.

7. Pet Food: Freeze-dried pet food products are available, offering a convenient and nutritious option for pet owners.

Product Operate Guide

The control system of this freeze dryer utilizes an industrial touch panel for user-friendly operation. Each screen is equipped to display a wealth of process data, and it has the capability to store multiple freeze-drying recipes, with each recipe allowing for the configuration of up to 36 segments (standard type).

Our system incorporates an Intelligent Fuzzy Logic algorithm, ensuring precise and stable temperature control throughout the freeze-drying process. Moreover, you have the flexibility to modify temperature parameters as needed during the freeze-drying cycle.

Initiating the freeze-drying process is a seamless operation. The system automatically initiates pre-freezing of the product, starts the vacuum pump, and then proceeds with the freeze-drying process. We have implemented multiple stability measures to ensure the system's consistent and reliable performance.


1. Does freeze-dried ice cream need to be refrigerated?

Freeze-dried ice cream typically does not need to be refrigerated. During the freeze-drying process, moisture is removed, resulting in a dry texture that extends its shelf life. However, once rehydrated or exposed to a humid environment, freeze-dried ice cream may absorb moisture, causing it to become soft. Therefore, it is advisable to store unused freeze-dried ice cream in a dry, sealed container to prevent moisture absorption. When rehydrating, it is best to consume it within a short period to maintain its texture and flavor.

2. What causes the inconsistent freeze-drying results in the use of a food freeze dryer?

The inconsistent freeze-drying results in a food freeze dryer can be influenced by various factors. Firstly, differences in the initial moisture content and nature of the food ingredients may lead to variations during the freeze-drying process. Secondly, environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity can also impact the freeze-drying outcome. Lastly, the performance and maintenance status of the equipment, including the working condition of the vacuum system and refrigeration system, can affect freeze-drying results. To achieve consistent results, careful ingredient selection, control of environmental conditions, and equipment maintenance are essential.

3. Does a food freeze dryer require special maintenance and care during its use?

Yes, a food freeze dryer requires regular maintenance and care to ensure proper operation and extend its lifespan. Maintenance tasks include cleaning the freeze-drying chamber, trays, and cold trap, replacing filters and vacuum pump oil in the refrigeration system, periodically calibrating sensors for accuracy, and inspecting electrical connections for tightness. Additionally, routine preventative maintenance should be performed as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain equipment performance and safety. Regular maintenance and care help minimize issues and malfunctions.


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