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Pilot-Scale Water-Cooled Freeze Dryer

This series of vacuum freeze dryers are designed for laboratory research, small-scale testing, and small-scale production freeze-drying. They offer the same performance and functionality as production-scale freeze dryers. Additionally, they have a shorter delivery lead time.
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Product Advantage

In order to obtain an effective freeze-drying curve in freeze-drying production, thereby reducing freeze-drying time and improving the quality of freeze-dried products, small-scale freeze-drying experiments on the product are usually necessary before formal production begins. This is especially important when researching a new freeze-dried product, as conducting repeated freeze-drying experiments in advance is essential to confirm the feasibility of the freeze-drying process.


Technical Parameters

Freeze-drying area: 0.5㎡ ~ 5㎡;

Feeding capacity: 5kg ~ 50kg;

Cold trap temperature: ≤-75℃;

Vacuum degree: ≤1Pa;

Shelf temperature range: -55~+70℃;

Heating and cooling rate: 1℃/min.

Cooling method: Water cooling

Refrigeration unit: Bitzer refrigeration unit

Optional: CIP (Cleaning In Place), SIP (Sterilization In Place)

Validation documents include:

Design Qualification (DQ)

Installation Qualification (IQ)

Operational Qualification (OQ)

Performance Qualification (PQ)

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

Operating Manual (OM)

Maintenance Manual (MM)

Installation Manual (IM)

Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), among others.

Optional accessories include:

Eutectic point testing

Chamber trap isolation valve

Data recorder

Paper recorder/online printing

PC or mobile app remote control

Imported brand vacuum pump

Anti-reflux oil solenoid valve

Oil mist filter, and more.

Product Uses

The application of freeze dryers in cleanrooms is extensive and particularly suitable for industries and applications that require a highly clean and sterile environment. Here are some key application scenarios of freeze dryers in cleanrooms:

1. Pharmaceutical Industry: In pharmaceutical processes, drugs, vaccines, biologics, and other products often undergo freeze-drying to maintain their long-term stability and activity. Using a freeze dryer in a cleanroom ensures the product's cleanliness and sterility, meeting the strict requirements of pharmaceutical production.

2. Biotechnology and Life Sciences Research: Laboratories and research institutions in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences often need to freeze-dry biological samples, enzymes, antibodies, and more for long-term storage and analysis. A freeze dryer in a cleanroom environment ensures the purity and reliability of samples.

3. Food Industry: In the food industry, certain products like coffee, fruits, vegetables, and more require freeze-drying to extend their shelf life. Using a freeze dryer in a cleanroom reduces the risk of external contamination and microbial contamination.

4. Medical Device Manufacturing: When manufacturing medical devices and components, ensuring product cleanliness and sterility is crucial. A freeze dryer can be used to remove moisture from devices, ensuring product quality and safety.

5. Chemical Industry: In some chemical reactions and synthesis processes, freeze-drying is necessary to maintain the stability and activity of compounds. Using a freeze dryer in a cleanroom environment reduces the impact of external contamination.

Product Operate Guide

The touchscreen can be flexibly placed either on the cleanroom side of the front of the enclosure or at the rear of the enclosure. If necessary, a second touchscreen can be optionally added to enable simultaneous control from both the front and rear of the enclosure. Additionally, remote computer control can be selected as an option, allowing real-time monitoring of equipment operation even from an office setting.


Water-cooled freeze-drying machines typically require the following supporting facilities:

· Cooling Water Supply: Water-cooled freeze-dryers need a substantial supply of cooling water to cool the condenser and maintain system temperatures. Ensuring an adequate water supply capacity is essential.

· Power Supply: Sufficient power supply is needed to support the operation of the refrigeration unit, vacuum system, and control system.

· Drainage System: Used for discharging wastewater and cooling water. Ensure that the drainage system can handle the generated wastewater.

· Air Handling System: Maintaining cleanliness and temperature control inside the drying chamber may require air handling systems such as air filters and temperature control devices.

· Processing and Storage Area: Sufficient space is required to accommodate the freeze-drying machine and related equipment, providing proper ventilation and safety measures.


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