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SY-LG-06 Small Batch Food Freeze Dryer

SY-LG-06 Small Batch Food Freeze Dryer is a freeze-drying device suitable for small-scale production and research and development applications.

Freeze drying area: 0.6㎡
Recommended loading capacity: 6 kg
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Product Advantage

1. Small Batch Production: The SY-LG-06 freeze dryer is designed for small-scale food production, making it an ideal choice for home-based or small food processing businesses.

2. High-Quality Food Preservation: Using freeze-drying technology, it can perfectly preserve a variety of foods while maintaining their original texture, color, flavor, and nutritional value.

3. Easy Operation: The equipment is easy to operate with a user-friendly interface and intelligent control system, ensuring convenient operation.

4. Diverse Food Processing: It is suitable for freeze-drying a wide range of foods, including fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, dairy products, pastries, and more.

5. High Efficiency and Energy Saving: The equipment is equipped with a high-efficiency refrigeration system, allowing for quick freezing and drying of foods while conserving energy.

6. Real-Time Monitoring: The equipment comes with a touchscreen and smart controller for real-time monitoring of the freeze-drying process to ensure food quality.

7. Customizable Configurations: It can be customized with different configurations and options to meet specific processing requirements based on customer needs.

8. Emergency Food Supply: Freeze-dried foods have a long shelf life and can be used as emergency food supplies during unforeseen situations or outdoor activities.

9. Balanced Nutrition: Freeze-drying technology helps maintain the nutritional content of foods, making them healthier and delicious.

10. Quality Assurance: ThSY-LG-06 freeze dryer is manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced technology, ensuring equipment stability and durability.

Technical Parameters

Freeze-drying area:0.6㎡
Cold trap temperature:≤-45°C (no load)
Ultimate vacuum:≤10Pa (no load)
Capacity:6L (Liquid)
Power:AC220V, 50Hz
Overall power:2700W

Product Uses

1. Food Component Analysis: Used for analyzing the components, nutritional substances, additives, etc., in food to understand their composition and characteristics.

2. New Product Development: Suitable for developing new food products, including frozen foods, ready-to-eat foods, dietary supplements, and more.

3. Food Preservation: Freeze-drying food items to extend their shelf life, preventing spoilage and changes in quality.

4. Food Texture Research: Investigating the texture, consistency, and taste of food products to improve their flavor and mouthfeel.

5. Food Microbiology Studies: Employed for researching the microorganisms, bacteria, and fungi present in food, evaluating their growth and survival under different conditions.

6. Quality Control: Monitoring changes in food quality under different processing and storage conditions to ensure product consistency and quality.

7. Food Safety Research: Used for detecting harmful substances, contaminants, and residues in food to ensure product safety.

Product Operate Guide

The control system of this machine features a large touchscreen, providing convenient, straightforward operation with powerful functionality. Each screen displays a wealth of data in an intuitive and clear manner. It can store multiple temperature control programs, with each program allowing for the configuration of up to 36 segments (standard model). Advanced fuzzy PID control algorithms ensure precise and stable temperature control. During automatic temperature control, you can modify temperature parameters and skip segments as needed, offering flexibility in operation. The system controls shelf temperatures according to pre-set parameters. Multiple stability measures are incorporated into the system, ensuring stable and reliable operation.


1. Why does my food take a long time to freeze dry?

The freeze drying time can be influenced by various factors, including the type and thickness of the food, as well as the performance of the equipment. Ensure that the food is evenly distributed on the trays and control the layering of food to ensure more even freeze drying. Additionally, check if the equipment is working properly, if the vacuum pump is effective, and if there are any leaks, as these issues can prolong freeze drying time.

2. Why does my freeze-dried food spoil after the process?

Food spoilage after freeze drying may occur if the packaging containers or bags are not effectively sealed. Make sure to store the food in airtight containers before freeze drying and use appropriate packaging materials. Furthermore, the temperature and vacuum parameters of the freeze dryer need to be set correctly to ensure food quality.

3. How can I eliminate odors from my small freeze dryer?

Odors may be due to accumulated dirt or residues inside the equipment or during the freeze drying process. Regularly cleaning and maintaining the freeze dryer is crucial to addressing odor issues. Additionally, ensure that the food is thoroughly processed and cleaned before freeze drying to minimize odor generation.


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