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SY-LG-1 Pilot-scale Food Freeze Dryer

"SY-LG-1 (Refrigerant Heating) Food Freeze Dryer" has a freeze-drying area of 1㎡ and is recommended for a feed capacity of 10kg. By optimizing its structure, it achieves continuous freeze-drying, resulting in a 50% increase in efficiency. This model can store freeze-drying curves, presenting the freeze-drying process clearly to the user.
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Product Advantage

1. Separate pre-freezing and drying structure simultaneously enhances freeze-drying efficiency and reduces freeze-drying time.

2. Aerospace-grade alloy shelf material with double-sided radiant heating, achieving over 90% radiation efficiency and excellent temperature uniformity.

3. High-efficiency mixed refrigerant medium with a low freezing point and high boiling point, providing efficient heat exchange and long lifespan.

4. Optimization control algorithm for drying curves, allowing control of product heating rate and vacuum level during the drying phase. (Optional)

5. Specialized gas flow design and control technology, providing strong water capture capabilities and high drying efficiency.

6. Industrial-grade embedded touchscreen + dedicated SH-HPSC-III modular controller, ensuring system stability, reliability, and high control precision.

7. Professional FD-MANAGER control system designed to save multiple process recipes, allowing real-time process adjustments during drying, improving process optimization.

8. Flexible manual and automatic control modes for process exploration and batch production.

9. Precise sensor calibration function to ensure the accuracy of process parameters during long-term use.

10. User-level and password settings for hierarchical operational management.

11. Optional powerful computer remote control system, capable of recording and saving operation data, curves, and alarm records for up to ten years, enhancing product traceability. It also facilitates observation, operation, and troubleshooting.

12. Customization available according to user requirements.

Technical Parameters

Cold trap minimum temperature: ≤ -60°C (No-load)

Shelf temperature range: -30°C to +80°C (with a maximum limit of 100°C; long-term operation at this temperature is not recommended)

Ultimate vacuum level: ≤ 10 Pa (No-load)

Number of shelves: 4+1 layers

Shelf size: 400×630 mm

Main unit dimensions: 2000×1250×1730 mm

Product Uses

Suitable for freeze-drying bulk (liquid, paste, solid) conventional substances, particularly well-suited for fruits, vegetables, food, and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs.

Product Operate Guide

1. Split design with pre-freezing in the pre-cooling chamber and drying in the drying chamber, enhancing drying efficiency significantly.

2. High-precision temperature control of the shelves ensures uniform drying results.

3. Adjustable and controllable shelf temperatures for process development and optimization.

4. Separate drying chamber and cold trap, providing strong water-capturing capability and shorter drying times.

5. Touchscreen operation with a dedicated freeze-drying PLC controller, displaying drying curves.

6. Square-shaped trays are resistant to deformation, easy to handle, and simple to clean.

7. Optional inflation valve for introducing inert gases during drying.


1. The freeze-drying time for small food freeze dryers is often long. Are there any ways to speed it up?

The length of freeze-drying time is typically related to the moisture content of the food and the performance of the machine. To expedite the freeze-drying process, you can take the following measures: Firstly, choose foods with lower moisture content, as this will reduce the freeze-drying time. Secondly, ensure that the refrigeration and vacuum systems of the small food freeze dryer are operating properly to provide sufficient cooling and vacuum. Lastly, evenly distribute the food on the trays to ensure uniform freeze-drying. If you require faster freeze-drying, consider upgrading to a larger-capacity or higher-performance freeze dryer.

2. How can I clean and maintain a small food freeze dryer?

Maintaining cleanliness and conducting regular maintenance are crucial for preserving the performance and hygiene of a small food freeze dryer. You can follow these steps for cleaning and maintenance:

· Periodically clean the freeze-drying chamber, trays, and cold trap to remove residue and dirt.

· Use appropriate cleaning agents and disinfectants for cleaning, and make sure all components are thoroughly dry before reassembling.

· Additionally, regularly inspect and replace consumables like filter cartridges and vacuum pump oil in the refrigeration system to ensure the equipment operates correctly.

3. What types of food can I freeze dry in a small food freeze dryer?

Small food freeze dryers are suitable for freeze-drying a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, dairy products, pastries, and more. You can choose different ingredients based on your needs to create various food products. Before freeze-drying, ensure that the ingredients are appropriately prepared and sliced to achieve the best freeze-drying results.


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